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Xie Guanbin speaks at Antitrust and Intellectual Property Seminar

Release time:2015-04-08

On 21 March 2015, Lifang partner Xie Guanbin gave a speech on “Definition of relevant market in IP related antitrust cases” at the Antitrust and Intellectual Property Seminar hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Attendees of the CASS seminar are directors of China’s antitrust enforcement authorities, including Mr. Zhang Handong, Director General of NDRC Bureau of Pricing Supervision and Anti-Monopoly, and Mr. Xu Xinyu, Anti-Monopoly Investigation Division Director, well-known academics including Professor Wang Xiaoye and Professor Wang Xianlin, as well as experienced intellectual property judges and representatives from the industry and law firms. This grand gathering effects in depth exchange of opinion and probed into theoretic issues as well as China’s law enforcement practice in IP related antitrust area.

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