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Xie Guanbin and Jin Yi attends the 9th Competition Law Forum of Peking University

Release time:2012-10-25

On October 20, Mr. Xie Guanbin and Mr. Jin Yi from Lifang attended the 9th Competition Law Forum of Peking University, which also featured an international seminar on “Antitrust in the Internet Industry.” The event was held by the Peking University Competition Law Center to promote study of antitrust theory and system in the internet industry and to facilitate the enforcement of China’s Anti-monopoly Law. At the seminar, Mr. Xie gave a key-note speech entitled Regulating Abuses of Market Domination in the Internet Industry.

This conference was attended by anti-monopoly law legislators and enforcement officers, well-known scholars in the field, directors of competent government departments, experts in the internet industry, anti-monopoly law practitioners, as well as competition law enforcement officers and experts from the U.S, Europe and East Asia. Together, they probed into issues of monopoly agreement, abuse of market domination and concentration of business operators.

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