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Liu & Partners Merges with Lifang's Guangzhou Office

Release time:2010-02-04

Starting from January 1, Lifang's Guangzhou Office was officially merged with a renowned local IP specialist firm, Liu & Partners, to form Lifang's new Guangzhou establishment, with a vigorous professional team of experienced lawyers and patent attorneys and headed by Roy Liu, managing partner of Liu & Partners.

Liu & Partners was established in 1994 and was one of the leading IP firms in Southern China. Roy Liu practices in wide areas across IP law matters, including patent and trademark prosecution, IP strategy, counseling, licensing and litigation. He has handled about 500 applications and more than 200 litigations, and enjoyed mandates from major clients like Microsoft. He was Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Intellectual Property Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association from 2003 to 2009.

Another partner of Lifang's Guangzhou office, Mr. Deng Yao, practices IP litigation, enterprise IP strategy, trade fair IP protection and international commercial law. He has handled many cases heard by the Supreme Court of China as well as by different provincial and municipal High Courts. He also provided legal counsel and specialized legal services to well-known domestic and international enterprises including Microsoft Inc. He is now Deputy-director of IP Committee of Guangdong Province Lawyers Association.

Yet another partner, Mr. Zhang Chunyao, specializes in IP law and company law. He was engaged in many famous IP cases, representing Guangzhou Lantai Co., Ltd. against in an unfair competition dispute case, representing Guangzhou MYEAIR Ltd. against in an appropriation of name and unfair competition case, and representing Guangzhou Blue Moon Co., Ltd. against P&G China in an advertisement infringement and unfair competition case. He also did several special legal projects such as Guangzhou Highway ETC System Patent Strategy Study and Due Diligence Investigation for a pulp and paper group's oversea financing. He was once legal counsel for big size corporations such as Microsoft's South China Region and Guangzhou Publishing Group.

The contact information of the Guangzhou office is:

Address: Room 2606, China Mayors Plaza, No.189, Tianhebei Road, Guangzhou, 510075

Telephone: (86-20) 87583535

Fax: (86-20) 87583005

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