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Wang Jiabin Speaks With Media about Sucralose Victory

Release time:2009-07-07

Lifang senior partner, Mr. Wang Jiabin, who has been actively engaged in the US Sucralose 337 investigation, was interviewed by several newspapers and magazines including China Intellectual Property News, National Business Daily, Legal Daily, China Trade News and Fangyuan Lvzheng on the significance of the Chinese respondents’ victory.

Wang said that the domestic manufacturers should be proud of such a victory. At the same time, he was disappointed that some companies did not respond to the investigation and were therefore subject to the consequences under U.S. law. As a result of the increasing number of 377 investigations in recent years, he had seen domestic companies become more conscious of intellectual property issues and better acquainted with international trade rules. He recommended companies respond to such investigations to protect their legitimate interests.

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