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Jiabin Wang Speaks on LED 337 Investigation

Release time:2008-10-23

Six more Chinese LED (semi-conductor lighting) manufacturers have recently been accused of patent infringement and will face US ITC 337 investigation. Lifang senior partner Mr. Wang, who is representing 2 Chinese respondents to the investigation, accepted an interview with the Legal Daily discussing the issue.

Before the present case, Mr. Wang represented several Chinese respondents to US 337 investigations in manufacturing sectors including rubber antioxidant, mercury-free alkaline battery, laminate flooring, lighter, and Sucralose. He is by far one of the most experienced Chinese lawyers in this field. As regarding the recent intensive charge on LED manufacturers, he believes that there’s nothing to be surprised since Chinese enterprises are enjoying rapid technological progress in this new industrial sector, and have thereby put on pressure on international competitors.

Mr. Wang called on domestic enterprises to be confident and respond vigorously to oversea intellectual property disputes. When the interest of an entire sector is affected, all the related enterprises should join hands and act together to prevent deterioration into a disadvantaged situation.

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