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Lifang Host IPR Attorney Forum

Release time:2008-10-23

On September 20-21, the First China Intellectual Property Attorney Forum, concurrent with the Annual Meeting of ACLA Intellectual Property Committee, was held in Guangzhou. Two officials from the Supreme People’s Court, Mr. Dongchuan Luo, vice director of the Research Office, and Mr. Xiangjun Kong, Chief Judge of the No. 3 Civil Division, attended the event together with officials from the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) and Ministry of Science and Technology. The forum is sponsored by the All China Lawyers Association (ACLA) and supported by the Guangdong Lawyers Association and the Guangzhou Lawyers Association. The Guangzhou Office of Lifang & Partners organized the event.

At the forum, Lifang directing partner, Mr. Guanbin Xie, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the host. Lifang senior partner Mr. Yongshun Cheng was invited to make the main speech on the judicial criteria and evidence forms concerning trade secrets. Other speakers included Mr. Dongchuan Luo, on the impact of the Trademark Law amendment on trademark litigation; Mr. Xiangjun Kong, on the judicial criteria of IPR abuse; Mr. Guanghai Lin, Chief Judge of the No. 3 Civil Division of Guangzhou High People’s Court, on damage determination in patent litigation; and Mr. Hongyi Jiang, Lifang senior partner, on the impact of the Patent Law amendment on patent litigation. Over 200 attorneys and other professionals in and outside China participated the forum.

Lifang partners Mr. Hongyi Jiang and Ms. Rong Li were elected into the ACLA Intellectual Property Committee at the committee’s annual meeting. Two essays by Lifang attorneys, “Safe Harbour or the Cape of Storms for Search Engine Providers — A Reading of Article 23 of the Ordinance for Protecting Right of Network Dissemination of Information” by Mr. Shi Xueqing and “Discuss on the Amendment to Article 46 of the Patent Law” by Ms. Zhang Yehua received Excellent Essay Award.

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