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Guanbin Xie Attends Seminar on Digital Library Operation Models

Release time:2008-10-14

Senior partner of Lifang & Partners, Mr. Guanbin Xie, took part in a recent seminar on digital library operation models organized by three levels of Beijing’s courts— the Beijing High People’s Court, Beijing Intermediate People’s Court and Haidian District People’s Court. The seminar discussed issues concerning operation models, trends in development and possible IPR problems that a digital library may face, as well as the protection of copyright holders’ legal interests.

Mr. Xie expressed the view that traditional authorization models were not plausible for a digital library which held huge amounts of information and raised complex rights issues. To address the problem on the one hand, copyright collective management organizations can be strengthened, and on the other, legislation may be needed in areas such as stipulating authorization fees so that parties can resolve their disputes through consultation.

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