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Lifang & Partners Successfully Sponsor Gathering of Multinational Legal Department Managers

Release time:2008-10-14

Lifang & Partners held a gathering of multinational corporation legal department managers in Beijing recently. Participants included legal department managers from IBM, Nokia, Motorola and Microsoft. Lifang senior partners, Mr. Guanbin Xie and Jiabin Wang, also attended. At the gathering, Mr. Xie delivered the main address, discussing the different court rulings of Internet giants Baidu and Yahoo’s respective cases against record companies.

According to Xie, the two suits had the same basic facts, but Baidu won their case, while Yahoo lost theirs. The great difference between the judgements demonstrates a change of attitude in the legal circle towards music search services provided by search engine sites. Xie believes that enhanced cooperation between record companies and search engine providers might be the only way to settle the conflict between the two sectors.

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