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Case News - Value Added Telecommunications

Release time:2006-12-30

Test Cases on Cross-network Value-added Telecommunications Services

Tencent Inc. has sued Inc. for copyright infringement and unfair competition at the Beijing No.1 Intermediate Court on May 2006 in a complaint relating to cross-network value-added telecommunications services. This case is the first Chinese case concerning value-added telecommunications services in the field of instant communication has caused a lot of controversy in the industry.

In a separate filing, Inc. brought a complaint against Tencent Inc. at the Shenzhen Intermediate Court against on the ground of unfair competition and anti-monopoly on 30 December, 2006. This case is also viewed by commentators with interest is deemed as the first anti-monopoly case concerning cross-network value-added telecommunications services.

The hearings of the two cases have yet to be held. Lifang & Partners are representing Inc. in both cases.

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