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L&P Activities for November and December 2006

Release time:2006-12-21

Signing Ceremony between Bazhou Government and Beijing Wang An Co. Ltd

Two Partners from Lifang & Partners, Mr. Hu Yiguang and Mr. Cai Hui attended the signing ceremony of Fenggang World Trade Center Project on November 10, 2006. Mr. Hu and Mr. Cai act as legal counsel for this project.

Annual Meeting of the China Science Technology Law Institute

Mr. Xie Guanbin attended and spoke at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the China Science Technology Law Institute on December 4 and 5 in Xi’an. The topic of his keynote speech was “The Misapplication of Intellectual Property Rights and Rules on Anti-trust”.

SDRC Hearing on Standardizing Copyright Registration Fees

On November 17, Mr. Wang Yong was invited by National Copyright Administration to give an introductory talk on the topic of copyright registration fees in foreign countries at the Hearing on Standardizing Charges for of Copyright Registration held by the State Development and Reform Commission.

Annual Meeting of IC Industry Branch of CSIA (China Semiconductor Industry Association)

Mr. Wang Yong recently attended the 2006 Annual Meeting of the IC Industry Branch of the CSIA (China Semiconductor Industry Association) held in Zhuhai on November 8-9.

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