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XIE Guanbin

Release time:2016-05-26


- “Anti-Unfair Competition Law in China” 5/12/1994 China Financial and Economic News

- “Legal Protection of Trade Secrets” 04/1994 Science & Technology and Law

- “Technical Ascertainment in IP Cases” 02/1999 Science & Technology and Law<

- “Observing the Domain Name Protection Policy in China in Light of the IKEA Case”  04/2000 China Law

- “Domain Name Protection and the Development of IP Law” 03/2001 Law Review

- “Research on the Legal Rule of Immaterial Assets Competition” 03/2002 Intellectual Property Rights

- “The Possibility of the China-US IP Disputes at WTO and Countermeasures” 25/09/2006 Legal Daily

- “Restrain IP Abuse by Anti-monopoly Law—An Analysis of the Tsum (Sichuan) Technology Co., Ltd. v. Sony Case” 09/2007 Electronics IP

- “Legal Bottom-line for Search Engine Providers” 02/2008 Faren Magazine

- “Tomato Garden and IP Strategy” 24/08/2008 Legal Daily

- “End of False Prosperity: A return of rationality in well-known trademark recognition” 30/04/2009 Legal Daily

- “On Infringement Liabilities of Internet Search Engine Providers” 03/2009 Science & Technology and Law

-  IP protection in the past 20 years in China, Patent Literature Publishing House

-  China IP Law, CCH Publishing House of Australia

-  Theory and Practice of China Tax Law, Wuhan Press

-  The Legal Enchiridion for Officials in Science and Technology Industry, China Legal Press

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