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Lifang's Partner Wang Ying was Invited to Lecture at SDC

Release time:2022-09-22

In the evening of September 19th, Lifang's Partner, Wang Ying was invited to deliver a lecture on “Corporate IP Management” to MBA candidates of the Sino-Danish College (“SDC”), University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
It was the last lecture of SDC's Innovation Management Program. Mrs. Wang focused on the issues of corporate intellectual property management and commercialization, including innovation protection and IP asset build-up, risk management and growth strategies. She then interact with the students to explore the relationship between IP and innovation management with group discussions on three real world scenarios of IP commercialization lesson referring to companies’ IP management

Mrs. Wang's lecture was well received by SDC students and professors. It presented both theoretical and practical viewpoints on the issue, deepened the young scholars’ understanding on the role of IP for businesses, and more importantly provided them with a new perspective of viewing innovation and intellectual property management from the business standpoint.
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