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Lifang & Partners Rracks Up Four China Business Law Awards 2022

Release time:2022-06-16

On June 15, 2022, the China Business Law Journal (“CBLJ”) released its shortlist for the China Business Law Awards 2022. Lifang & Partners received CBLJ awards for its professional strength in four areas, including: Competition & Antitrust; Corporate Compliance; Data Protection & Privacy; IP (Patent).

Competition & Antitrust

Corporate Compliance

Data protection & privacy

IP (Patent)


Clients’Reviews from CBLJ:

Lifang is representing us in two civil antitrust litigation cases and their services have been very timely, professional and productive.” Xie’s experience, professionalism and knowledge are among the best among Beijing’s litigators … Jiao is fluent in English and has a thorough understanding of common law”. The pairing of Xie and Jiao was “quite good and effective” when the Chinese company communicated with its headquarters.

“Lifang has a high level of expertise in the area of privacy and data protection, and a thorough understanding of and experience in developing laws and regulations.” 

The China Business Law Awards were established to recognize the outstanding performance of law firms in various practice areas. The candidates for the Awards are nominated by in-house lawyers, corporate executives and legal experts. The appraisal and selection process takes comments from peers into account.

Lifang & Partners has received China Business Law Awards for many successive years. These awards are a hallmark of the excellent services provided by Lifang & Partners and a testament to the high regard that our clients have for us. Lifang & Partners is dedicated to providing specialized, strategic and comprehensive legal services, and strives to continuously improve its service capabilities to meet the diversified needs of clients.

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