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Zhang Yuanyuan Included in China Business Law Journal's A-List 2021

Release time:2022-01-25

On January 24, 2022, the China Business Law Journal, an internationally recognized legal media, released "The A-List Legal Elite" for 2021. Zhang Yuanyuan is recognized on the list for her outstanding practice performance and excellent reputation.

Zhang Yuanyuan focuses on intellectual property. She provides clients with comprehensive patent law services relating to invalidity, FTO analysis and infringement litigation. With a technical background in semiconductors and microelectronics, she is well-positioned to handle intellectual property matters in the fields of semiconductors, optoelectronics, LEDs, integrated circuits, and computers.

Ms Zhang has extensive experience in handling complicated cases and often wins high praise from her clients. She is adept at finding legal points with technical details and protecting the interests of clients. Most of the cases handled by Ms Zhang are notable, involving lots of complex evidence and media coverage, such as SEP disputes for telecommunications, method patent disputes for software, electronic patent disputes for drones, patent right disputes for the wiring designs of integrated circuits and other matters.

About China Business Law Journal

As the top legal journal in Asia, China Business Law Journal provides enterprises around the world with accurate commercial law reference based on comprehensive research and analysis of the China market on an annual basis.

"The A-List Legal Elite" is the annual list of the most recognized by China Business Law Journal, which is regarded as the authoritative list of the outstanding lawyers in China's legal market.

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