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Chambers Greater China Region Guide 2022 Highly Recommends Multiple Lifang & Partners Lawyers and Practice Areas

Release time:2022-01-12

On 12 January 2022, Chambers & Partners released the Chambers Greater China Region 2022. Lifang & Partners was again listed in the areas of Intellectual Property: Litigation and Competition Law/Antitrust.

Lifang & Partners was ranked Band 2 firm for Intellectual Property: Litigation and Band 4 firm for Competition/Antitrust.

XIE Guanbin, ZHANG Bin and YU Haidong were on the list of Leading Individuals for Intellectual Property: Litigation. In particular, XIE has, for years in a row, been ranked as a Band 1 Leading Individual.

Chambers Comments: Lifang & Partner Intellectual Property

"The team can leverage all necessary resources to file cases and push case progress in a professional way. We can always receive on-time updates and case detail briefings throughout the whole case time."

"They always provide us with well thought-out strategies that cover multiple contingencies. They are well prepared for meetings and hearings. They respond promptly and comprehensively to any questions that we have."

XIE Guanbin Lawyer

"He demonstrates outstanding competence in IP litigation, especially in FRAND matters."

ZHANG Bin Lawyer

She is known for undertaking copyright infringement litigation on behalf of TMT clients. She also handles trade mark infringement and unfair competition disputes.

"She is a very professional and powerful IP lawyer."

YU Haidong Lawyer

"Yu Haidong is a great problem-solver and is able to identify problematic issues well before they arise," according to a client, who adds: "He has impeccable professional qualities, a lot of experience and patience, and a deep sense of responsibility."

Chambers Comments: Lifang & Partner Competition/Antitrust

Lifang & Partners' vibrant antitrust team leverages its strong expertise in IP litigation to represent clients in SEP-related litigation involving FRAND issues. Also able to assist with merger control filings and antitrust investigations. Additionally offers compliance advice for clients from various sectors including automotive and pharmaceuticals.

"I’m impressed with their experience, knowledge and insights."

About Chambers

Founded in 1990 in London, Chambers & Partners is an authoritative and influential international law firm rating agency. Its research covers nearly 200 countries and regions. Many legal professionals and clients trust it due to its objective and fair research methods and evaluation system.

About Lifang & Partners

Established in 2002 and headquartered in Beijing, Lifang & Partners has established offices in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Haikou, and Seoul, Korea. After years of in-depth study and development, Lifang & Partners has gained a wealth of experience and an excellent track record in the areas of intellectual property, antitrust and competition, dispute resolution, securities and capital market. Lifang & Partners is a diversified-service law firm which provides full-service, one-stop, high value-added legal services to global clients.

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