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Lifang Partner Invited to Attend China International Bio- and Chemo-Pharmaceutical Industry Conference

Release time:2021-10-11

The Third China International Bio- and Chemo-Pharmaceutical Industry Conference was held in Suzhou International Expo Center on September 29 30, 2021. With the theme of "Linking the Entire Pharmaceutical Industry Chain to Meet the Unmet Drug Demand in Line with National Conditions", the participants discussed the current situation and future of the upstream and downstream pharmaceutical industry chain, as well as developments in the fields of APIs, formulations, cell therapy, gene therapy, antibody technology, investment and M&As, and artificial intelligence.

Ms. Wang Ying, Partner of the Intellectual Property Team of Lifang & Partners, delivered a keynote speech and participated in round-table discussions.

In her keynote speech, Ms. Wang addressed in details the drug patent term compensation system and the drug patent linkage system which have a great impact on the intellectual property protection of pharmaceutical industry since June 1, 2021 when the newly amended Patent Law took effect. In the round-table discussion on "Project Selection and Project Initiation in the Research and Development of Innovative Drugs", Ms. Wang shared her experiences from her work for and in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, focusing on several intellectual property issues that corporations need paying attention to and how companies should analyze and evaluate IP risks in view of their business objectives.

Lifang & Partners's IP team will continue to follow the latest developments in the fields of medicine and life sciences, maintain close communication with the industrial community, and provide quality legal services to clients.

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