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Senior Partner LU Gang Gives Training to Local Government Departments

Release time:2021-04-30

On 27 and 29 April 2021, Mr LU Gang, a Senior Partner of Lifang & Partners, was invited to provide special training about the key revisions to the Copyright Law and its practical application in administrative law enforcement. 120 personnel from the Dongguan Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports Bureau, and 40 from the Xiamen Cultural Market Comprehensive Law Enforcement Department attended the training.





During the training, Mr Lu gave an overview of the Copyright Law and a detailed analysis of its revisions. He then combined these things with his rich experiences to provide participants with reflections on how the revisions will apply in practice.

Participants at the event commented that his speech was well organized, sharp, and funny. Many expressed that they had learnt a lot and looked forward to more training in the future. Mr Lu Gang stated that:

“I feel very honoured to be invited to attend these two training sessions and hope to provide more practical support to the front-line officials that handle copyright administration and administrative law enforcement through better communication.”。

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