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Lifang & Partners Named AAAA Patent Agency

Release time:2020-07-21

Recently, the Beijing Patent Attorneys Association published the 2019 assessment results for Beijing patent agencies. The Lifang & Partners patent prosecution department was named an “AAAA Patent Agency.”

The Lifang & Partners patent prosecution team has served clients from around the world since 2008. Many of our team are both patent attorneys and practicing lawyers. In addition to providing patent prosecution services, our team also offers other legal services to clients. Our team helps our clients throughout the life cycle of a patent with matters such as patent litigation and patent management. When designing patent protection strategies, prosecuting patents, and responding to office actions, our team foresees and mitigates potential litigation and operational risks.

The Beijing Patent Attorneys Association’s regular assessment of patent agencies in Beijing involves six dimensions and 21 factors, including practitioners, business environment, rules and regulations, service capabilities, honors and achievements. It adopts transparent and objective evaluation standards and aims to create a fair and transparent market environment for the development of the patent agency industry, to provide a neutral and impartial list of excellent services providers for innovative entities and the public.

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