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Patent Prosecuted by Lifang & Partners Granted Gold Award

Release time:2020-07-21

Recently, the National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) issued the 21st Chinese Patent Awards. Patents drafted by our prosecution team won one Gold Award and two silver awards. The patents are titled “Aerial Control System and Multi-Frequency Common Aerial”, “An Environmentally Friendly Sheet-Fed Offset Printing Ink and the Preparation Method Thereof” and a “Smooth Automatic Door”, respectively.

The Awards are granted based on the recommendations of various government departments, local intellectual property administration offices, national industry associations, and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The recommendations were assessed by the Chinese Patent Award Review Committee, which comprises officials from CNIPA and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 30 invention and utility model patents received Gold Awards, 58 invention and utility model patents received Silver Awards, and 696 invention and utility model patents received Excellence Awards.

The Lifang & Partners patent prosecution team has served clients from around the world since 2008. Many of our team are both patent attorneys and practicing lawyers. In addition to providing patent prosecution services, our team also offers other legal services to clients. Our team helps our clients throughout the life cycle of a patent with matters such as patent litigation and patent management. When designing patent protection strategies, prosecuting patents, and responding to office actions, our team foresees and mitigates potential litigation and operational risks.

Receiving a Chinese Patent Award is the highest honor that a Chinese patent can receive. The Awards, established in 1989, are co-sponsored by CNIPA and WIPO. They aim to strengthen the creation, protection and use of intellectual property and to honor inventors who have made outstanding technological innovations and contributed to China’s economic and social development. The award criteria involve not only technical analysis, but also a consideration of industrial applications, and things related to the protection and management of the patents.

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