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Lifang & Partners Invited to Write The Legal 500: Patent Litigation Country Comparative Guide

Release time:2019-12-03

Recently, The Legal 500, an internationally renowned legal research company, announced that Lifang & Partners would be writing the China chapter of The Patent Litigation Country Comparative Guide, which aims to provide its readers with a pragmatic overview of the law and practice of patent litigation from across the globe.

Lifang & Partners’ contribution, which will be written by Mr. Xie Guanbin, Senior Partner, and Ms. Xu Manxia, Partner, provides legal and practical observations on patent litigation throughout China and covers patent infringement, patent invalidation, patent observations, injunctions, and future patent litigation growth areas.

The Legal 500 has a rigorous research and evaluation system. In recent years, it has published Comparative Legal Guides covering a wide range of industries and practice areas. The Legal 500 only invites top law firms and legal professionals from around the world to share their legal knowledge and practical experience. At present, it has a readership of around 4.5 million.

Patent litigation is Lifang & Partners’ core practice area and traditional strength. Most of our Intellectual Property litigation team have either scientific or engineering qualifications, along with legal qualifications. They are experienced in handling complicated issues and capable of providing our clients with precise and effective litigation strategies. Furthermore, we are experts in licensing, patentability analysis, and the evaluation and management of corporate patent portfolios.

Most of the cases handled by Lifang & Partners involve complicated technology or complex legal issues. Despite the nature of our work, we have managed to maintain a high success ratio. Cases handled by Lifang & Partners frequently make the annual “Top 10 Cases” lists compiled by courts at all levels across China. Some of Lifang & Partners’ notable cases have been designated as “Guiding Cases” by the Supreme People’s Court for lower courts to refer to.

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