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Lifang & Partners Welcome Senior Council Mr Song Guofeng

Release time:2019-06-05

Lifang & Partners warmly welcome compliance and risk management expert, Mr Song Guofeng who is joining us as Senior Counsel.

Mr Song Guofeng has been working in the fields of law, banking and fintech fields for over ten years. He has extensive experience in legal and compliance risk management, finance related litigation, product innovation, internal controls and operational risk management, anti-money laundering, case risk management and fintech innovation.

Before join in Lifang & Partners, Mr Song served as Manager in the Legal Compliance Departments of BOC Fullerton Community Bank, Bank of Beijing, and China Minsheng Bank. He was also a Partner of the Grandall Legal Group.

Corporate and Commercial Law is a core practice area of Lifang & Partners. Our team provides professional legal services on corporate finance and the capital markets. We believe that Mr Song will further strengthen our presence in the corporate finance and capital markets sector.

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