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Mr. Wu Rangjun of Lifang & Partners wins the “Business Achievement Award 2017” and the “Outstanding Committee Member Award 2017”

Release time:2018-06-22

We are pleased to announce that one of the Partners in Lifang & Partners’ Guangzhou office, Mr. Wu Rangjun, has received additional honors from the Guangzhou Lawyers Association. The Association announced their decision to award two titles to Mr. Wu, namely, the “Business Achievement Award” and the “Outstanding Committee Member Award”.

The "Business Achievement Award" is high recognition and an honorary commendation to lawyers who have achieved results that are beneficial to society and demonstrated outstanding performance in handling significant, difficult and complicated cases.

The purpose of the “Outstanding Committee Member Award” is to commend lawyers who have made outstanding contributions to and excellent performance in the daily work of the Lawyers Association.

Mr. Wu's awards are attributable to not only his solid theoretical foundations, rich experience and a strong sense of responsibility but also Lifang & Partners’ overall advantages and efficient management structure.

Lifang & Partners adheres to tradition professional standards while adopting modern techniques to provide clients with efficient and high-quality services.

Over the years, through conducting theoretical research and practical operations, our lawyers have won a number of awards in the fields of IP and civil litigation, while Lifang & Partners, as a firm, has won high repute for its diverse capabilities and service quality.

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