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Lifang & Partners Opens New Office in Shanghai

Release time:2018-03-01

Lifang & Partners opened its new Shanghai office on 1st March 2018. This is our very first branch in the area and enables us to bring our first-class legal services within reach of local clients.

As a Chinese economic centre and financial hub, Shanghai boasts a mature legal environment in which a great many international enterprises choose to operate. This spurs a huge demand for diversified legal services in a wide range of industries in the area.

As part of our corporate expansion strategy, the Lifang & Partners Shanghai office has been established following the results of client surveys. The Shanghai office is managed by Lu Gang, a Senior Partner of our firm, who will lead a number of experienced lawyers and professional consultants.

The Lifang & Partners Shanghai office will work in close cooperation with our other offices to deliver a full range of high-quality, specialized legal services that help clients to consistently achieve their legal and business objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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