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Lifang & Partners Announces the Establishment of the Antitrust and Compliance Department

Release time:2017-12-06

With corporate antitrust and compliance supervision becoming a new norm in China, Lifang & Partners has established an Antitrust and Compliance Department that aims to provide high-level legal services to our clients and to better meet their needs in a fast-changing business environment. Ms. Jiao Shan and Ms. Jiang Yi will be the managing partners of the new Antitrust and Compliance Department. Ms. Jiao will be responsible for antitrust matters, whilst Ms. Jiang will be responsible for compliance matters.

Ms. Jiao specializes in antitrust and competition law, as well as intellectual property and dispute resolution. She is experienced in assisting clients to submit merger filings to the Ministry of Commerce and to tackle antitrust investigations. For instance, she has assisted clients with the investigation into the ocean shipping industry conducted by the National Development and Reform Commission, and with investigations into failures to legally declare the concentration of business operators conducted by the Ministry of Commerce. What’s more, she participated as a government advisor and interpreter in the Qualcomm antitrust investigations. She is currently active in the SEP-related disputes between Huawei and Samsung, dealing with issues related to FRAND principles. She has also participated in a number of IP infringement cases between Microsoft and unlicensed end users.

Ms. Jiang has successively obtained master degrees from Peking University and Washington University, possessing bar qualifications from both China and New York State. She has a good command of laws and regulations, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate compliance, intellectual property, corporate governance, dispute settlement and other matters. Before joining Lifang & Partners, Ms. Jiang worked for Shearman & Sterling LLP, Ericsson, Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn and other renowned international companies, where she provided in-depth legal guidance for their Chinese operations.

As one of the Chinese law firms having the longest experience in the antitrust field, Lifang & Partners is well versed in China’s legislative and enforcement environment. With our extensive industry knowledge, in-depth experience in our jurisdiction and forward-looking vision, we will provide our clients with professional and efficient one-stop solutions through interdisciplinary practice teams.

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