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Congratulations on the Promotion to Senior Consultant of Ms. Jiao Shan of the Antitrust Department

Release time:2017-10-18

The administrative committee of Lifang & Partners has decided that from now on Ms.Jiao Shan of the antitrust department will be promoted to the position of Senior Consultant within our law firm.

Ms Jiao Shan specializes in antitrust and competition law, intellectual property and dispute resolution. She has assisted clients in conducting a number of merger control filings to the Ministry of Commerce and assisting clients with investigations into failures to make such filings. She has handled antitrust administrative investigations, such as the National Development and Reform Commission’s investigation into the ocean freight industry.

Ms Jiao is responsible for dealing with FRAND issues in a series of SEPs-related litigations between Huawei and Samsung. She witnessed the antitrust investigation into Qualcomm as a consultant to the government and interpreter for the NDRC. In the area of IP, Ms. Jiao has been involved in several software infringement cases against commercial end users by Microsoft.

Lifang & Partners firmly believes that talent is the foundation of sustainable development of our law firm. We have a sound and scientific mechanism for talent introduction and training, which has created opportunities and a stage for everyone to show and realize their self-value. Many young lawyers with great enthusiasm start their careers with Lifang & Partners, gradually making themselves the backbones of their departments, senior consultants and partners.

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