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Mr. Guanbin Xie speaks at WIPO workshops

Release time:2016-10-25

WIPO Mediation Workshops and Arbitration Workshops co-hosted by WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, Beijing Intellectual Property Office, and Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration took place on October 18 and 20 in Beijing and Shanghai respectively. Acting as arbitrator at WIPO’s Center, Mr. Xie, partner with Lifang, gave a keynote speech focusing on the hot issues of revoking, agreeing to and enforcing decisions in international intellectual property arbitration in line with the WIPO Arbitration Rules.

The purpose of the workshops is to provide intensive basic training of a practical nature for lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys, and business professionals wishing to familiarize themselves with international mediation and arbitration processes. The meeting was designated with a special focus on the practical case application of the WIPO Arbitration and WIPO Expedited Arbitration Rules in international intellectual property and technology disputes, and provided attendees with the substantive information on international commercial mediation and arbitration, the benefits and limitations of ADR in intellectual property disputes as compared to other dispute resolutions options, as well as WIPO’s role in ADR proceedings and the WIPO Rules and Clauses.

Many members of Lifang's dispute resolution team have the working background at China’s judicial and arbitration bodies, who are not only familiar with the practical conduct of those institutions but also have gained deep insight into the competition situations among industries. They are keen to offer the best ever services for clients from various businesses.

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