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Lifang & Partners is one of the few go-to firms for high-profile Intellectual Property issues in China. Many of our qualified lawyers have also had a technical or scientific education. Additionally, some previously worked for the Chinese Central Government or court system before they embarked upon their private practice careers. Such a blend of diverse academic achievements and rich career experiences helps us quickly understand our clients’ complex legal, business and public policy challenges and offer practical legal solutions. We encourage our lawyers to combine their academic knowledge with their practical experience to provide efficient, high-quality legal services.


Patent Litigation::

Patent litigation is Lifang & Partners’ core practice and traditional strength. Most of our patent litigation team have either scientific or engineering qualifications, along with legal qualifications. Some have experience working in the Courts, the Patent Re-examination Board, or the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration. Our litigators regularly handle complex disputes and provide clients with precise and effective litigation strategies.

Our expertise and fame in litigation come from the hundreds of patent infringement and invalidation cases that we have handled. Even though most cases brought to Lifang & Partners involve cutting edge technology or complex legal issues, we have a high success ratio. Moreover, cases handled by Lifang & Partners frequently make the annual Top 10 Cases lists compiled by courts at all levels. Some of Lifang & Partners’ notable cases have been designated as guiding cases by the Supreme People’s Court for the lower courts’ reference.

Patent Prosecution:

Lifang & Partners was approved to handle patent prosecutions by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2008. Because we have significant litigation experience, we can prevent many problems from later arising by handling prosecutions correctly. Many of our patent prosecutors hold both patent attorney’s and lawyer’s licenses. This means that they can handle patent prosecutions and provide other IP services such as patent re-examination, invalidation, and litigation. We are familiar with every aspect of patent law and can apply a litigator’s mind-set and a business strategy perspective to patent prosecutions.

We can identify litigation risks and operational problems when designing patent protection strategies, drafting patent application documents, and responding to office actions. In addition to patent prosecutions, we also provide patent licensing counselling, patentability analyses, patent evaluation, and corporate patent portfolio management services. Our Patent Attorneys represent clients in industries involving electronic products, food, medicine, chemistry, machinery, communications, computers, biotechnology, and other technical fields.


Trademark Litigation :

In trademark infringement disputes, Lifang & Partners, with the support of a solid investigative team, actively works and formulates different litigation strategies according to the situation’s specific needs. We not only win many cases, but we also recover substantial damages for our clients. Many of our cases have stimulated significant changes, both locally and nationally. Such cases have also been designated as Top 10 Cases or Guiding Cases.

In criminal trademark litigation, Lifang & Partners’ trademark litigation team has offered a lot of support and assistance to the Administration of Industry and Commerce, the Public Security Bureau, and the People’s Procuratorate by providing clues, identifying criminal facts, and collecting evidence.

Lifang & Partners has good relations with many industrial organisations and governmental bodies. This provides remarkable advantages in handling important and complicated cases such as famous and well-known trademark recognition, enterprise IP strategy planning, administrative litigation, and many other areas where communication is essential.

Trademark Prosecution

Our trademark legal services include:

 Trademark right granting and affirming;

 Foreign-related trademark services;

 Famous trademark and well-known trademark guidance and litigation;

 Trademark counselling services; and

 Trademark education services.


Our copyright lawyers are experienced in providing innovative legal services for complicated copyright disputes, including infringement disputes involving computer software, databases, literary works, musical works, film and television, fine arts, and architectural works. Our lawyers are very experienced and familiar with the various types of copyright and can provide optimised solutions to protect our clients’ interests.

We also provide clients with copyright registration service for computer software. Our lawyers serve many domestic and foreign clients specialising in information, culture, publishing, and media.

Technical Contract Litigation

Lifang & Partners has significant experience in resolving technology contract disputes. Moreover, because our team contains former civil servants, regulatory draftsmen and judges, we have advantages in how we approach matters. Our advantages come from a combination of scientific and technical expertise, IP law specialisation, and our litigation and arbitration experience.

IP Counseling

IP Counselling:

Our IP counselling practice helps our clients leverage and protect their intellectual property assets, establish competitive advantages, and ultimately provide shareholder value.

Intellectual Property Due Diligence:

Intellectual property matters are increasingly crucial in IPOs, M&As, PE, VC, and finance. This is especially so for high-tech industries where IP plays a vital role in the survival and development of an enterprise. Lifang & Partners is experienced in conducting due diligence investigations for IP owners or investors. We provide clients with legal opinions on patents, trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets.

Licensing & Technology Transactions:

Lifang & Partners has rich experience with all IP-related transactions, including M&As, licensing, and portfolio purchases. We also draft legal opinions to support those transactions.

Intellectual Property Management and Strategic Counselling:


Lifang & Partners combines its resources and rich IP experience to form integrated teams that plan and implement strategic IP management projects. Our integrated teams also handle any related prosecutions, enforcement actions, and transactional work in a flexible manner.

Intellectual Property Management:

Resources at Lifang coupled with our vast experience in intellectual property across all fields of technology and business, allow us to form integrated teams that are able to handle any strategic management project, and the related prosecution, enforcement, and transactional work in a flexible manner.

Administrative Enforcement of IP rights

Lifang & Partners assists clients with Civil and Criminal IP Infringement Investigations and Administrative Enforcement.

Infringement investigations involve collecting clues, desktop investigations, field investigations and evidence collection. Infringement investigations are crucial to enforcement litigation because China does not have an evidence disclosure system.

As for Administrative Enforcement, Lifang & Partners files administrative complaints with government departments responsible for fighting infringement. Our work ensures that government departments act against infringers.

Lifang & Partners also helps clients exercise their rights against infringers through negotiations supported by evidence collected by governmental departments and others during investigations.

China’s integration into the world trade system has created an ever-increasing need to protect IP rights through customs enforcement. Our Administrative Enforcement services also include customs record filing. We have a long track record of assisting clients with enforcement needs and related legal services.

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