• Notable Cases of Litigation

  • Representing Beijing University of Chemical Technology in a dispute over the public building project at Yinghua West Road against China Construciton First Building (Group) Co., Ltd.
  • Representing Poly Hotel Co. Ltd in an accounting dispute with Beijing No. 6 construction Co., Ltd.
  • Representing Time Estate Co. Ltd in the dispute over the land use right assignment contract against Bureaus of Land Resources of Yuhuan County
  • Representing Zhuhai Glass Co. Ltd in the dispute over the China National Theatre project against Beijing Construction Group Co. Ltd., Shanghai Construction Group Co. Ltd., and Hong Kong Construction Group Co. Ltd
  • Representing Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China in a dispute over the engineering project quality of the information center against a building engineering company of Beijing
  • Representing Beijing Yanhuang Estate Co. Ltd in the dispute over Yuanda Center Project against Shenyang Sansheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd
  • Representing Beijing Jianong New Trade Development Co., Ltd. in a dispute of house-leasing contract against a factory of Chinese People's Liberation Army
  • Representing Guizhou Haowangjia Real Estate Development Company in the retrial procedure at the Supreme Court of a dispute over the entrusted sales contract of commercial residential building against a real estate marketing limited company of Xiamen and having the case settled finally.
  • Representing China Everbright Yantai Sub-branch to file a lawsuit against a glass factory of Shandong over a World Bank sub-loan dispute.
  • Representing China Everbright Bank Nanning Xinghu Sub-branch to file a lawsuit against a high-tech development company, a television company, a science institute and a rubber (group) company of Guilin over loan contract disputes and winning the second instance at the Supreme Court.

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