• Technical Contract Litigation Notable Cases


  • WEDZ SOE v. Teamsun and Microsoft arising from a dispute over a transaction and technical service contract.
  • Microsoft v. Qoros Auto Co. Ltd., arising from a technical contract dispute.
  • Representing a Beijing video and communications company in arbitration for technology license disputes.
  • Representing Institute of Coal Chemistry affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences to win before the Supreme Court in disputes over a transfer of major technology.
  • Representing APTECH in a series of arbitrations and litigations over franchise rights.
  • Representing a Shenzhen electronics company in responding a lawsuit for technology contract and infringement disputes brought by an Italian communication company in Italy.
  • Representing Taiwan-based Top Soft Software, against a big Chinese dairy company, in a dispute over software royalty payments.
  • Representing Datang Mobile in arbitration and litigation against a Shanghai chip producer relating to a technology license dispute involving several hundred million RMB.
  • Representing a well-known U.S. scientist to file a lawsuit against a Chinese company in a technology license disputes.
  • Handling a series of arbitration and litigation actions in disputes over franchise rights relating to JACK&JONES, VERO MODA and ONLY.
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