• Patent Litigation Notable Cases


  • Represented Zhongwei Bus & Coach Groupin a bus design patent infringement and invalidation action against Neoplan GmbH
  • Represented Wu Huiying and Comba Telecom Systems in patent invalidation disputes with the U.S. Andrew Corporation
  • Represented Liaoning Banruo Network Technology Co.,Ltd. in the retrial of patent invalidation disputes with Hewlett-Packard
  • Zhu Zhanxin v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. “rotatable screen mobile phone” patent infringement case
  • Seiko-Epson (Japan) v. Zhuhai Doumen Yinhe Printing Materials Co., Ltd. printer ink cartridge patent infringement dispute
  • Seiko-Epson (Japan) v. PRB and the third party Zheng Yali patentinvalidation administrative case
  • Zhaoqing New Leader Battery Industry Ltd. v. PRB and Chung Pak (Shunde) Battery Works Limited “mercury-free alkaline button cell” patent invalidation
  • Represented Li Yang in “Satellite communication system and method” patent invalidation case against a US electronics corporation
  • Representing Filtrona InternationalLimitedin patent infringement disputesrelating to an utility model patent for a kind of high performance filter
  • “Alumina Fiber Congery” patent invalidation case

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